Flexi Equine

Flexi Equine

The Champion Locker

The Champion Locker is the locker of choice for the world’s top International Show Jumping Professionals.

The largest Elite Tack Locker in the Flexi Equine range and the preferred choice for the worlds leading riders and top international show jumping professionals

HEIGHT    1550mm (61”)
 WIDTH      1550mm (61”)
 DEPTH       700mm (27.5”)
 WEIGHT     180kg (397lbs)
The Grand Prix

All the great features of The Champion Locker only slightly smaller.

This Locker is in between the Champion and the Show. It was created because of a high demand for something slightly smaller than a Champion but also larger than a show.

HEIGHT    1430mm (56.5”)
 WIDTH      1410mm (55.5”)
 DEPTH       700mm (27.5”)
 WEIGHT     150kg (331lbs)
The Show Locker
The Show Locker offers versatility, mobility and a compact size without compromising on build quality, durability or strength.
The highest quality components found in all Flexi Equine Tack Lockers are immediately evident from the day you take delivery to the last event of the tour.

HEIGHT    1300mm (51.5”)
 WIDTH      1250mm (49”)
 DEPTH       700mm (27.5”)
 WEIGHT     120kg (238lbs)

The Vertical XL

The Vertical XL is ideal for two horse trailers and easily accessible for the younger rider. There are three different models to suit various needs.

The stunning Vertical XL Elite Tack Locker was the choice of the Australian Equestrian Olympic team and the Equestrian Paralympic teams for 2012 and 2016.

HEIGHT    1260mm (49.5”)
 WIDTH        790mm (31”)
 DEPTH        750mm (29.5”)
 WEIGHT      80/90kg (177/199lbs)
The Stable and Grooming Box

The perfect stable accessory to go along with our Traditional Trunk and The Vertical XL and indeed our entire range.

The Stable & Grooming box can be personalized to match your existing locker or stable colours and logo.

HEIGHT    580mm (23”)
 WIDTH      580mm (23”)
 DEPTH       350mm (14”)
 WEIGHT     15kg (33lbs)
Traditional Trunk

While larger upright tack lockers have become more popular than the traditional trunks, Flexi Equine has incorporated new features to make the traditional trunk more travel friendly.

The optional application of a removable base trolley allows for easy mobility of the traditional trunk while retaining all of the high-quality finishing’s which is the hallmark of Flexi Equine.

HEIGHT    700mm (27.5”)
 WIDTH      1200mm (48.5”)
 DEPTH       700mm (27.5”)
 WEIGHT     70kg (155lbs)

Farm Range

The exclusive Show & Farm Range includes jumps, yard signs, rug racks, notice boards, and planter sets. The Flexi Equine experienced design team will ensure you achieve your desired look that will elevate your farm or stable and our additional option of illuminated LED features is an excellent way to showcase your brand. 



Built in ventilation
Pull out bridle rack
Secure locking system
Digital safe
Laptop desk
Phone charger

Push button locks
Personalised graphics
Interior colour matching
Interior LED lighting
Support legs system
Interior carpet
Protective covers
Built-in mirror
Boots storage drawers
Bluetooth speakers
Corner bumpers
Water resistance