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Capillary Flow® Subsurface Irrigation Systems

Tired of struggling to keep your arena footing just right? Introducing Capillary Flow, the patented, technologically advanced answer to annoying footing issues such as dust or drainage problems. Capillary Flow installed by IDA Development allows equestrians, show grounds maintenance and training facility owners to maintain a safe riding surface in any weather year-round. This arena irrigation and maintenance system can be retrofitted to your existing riding ring or included in your new arena construction.

Sprinklers can irrigate an arena unevenly, causing inconsistent footing. Footing that is too wet or too dry can affect the performance and safety of the horse and rider. This innovative all-weather moisture control system eliminates the need for above-ground arena sprinklers. Like the Ebb & Flow System, the sub-surface irrigation system controls moisture from beneath the footing as needed. This on-demand irrigation eliminates issues such as having too much or too little water due to weather conditions or poor performing irrigation.

Capillary Flow® Subsurface Irrigation Systems

Sand or Synthetic Riding Arenas

No more saturated riding surfaces or dry, dusty arenas that are unhealthy for horses and riders. Capillary Flow is a patented moisture control system that maintains the perfect hydration level in any type of footing. Using moisture control technology allows barn managers and trainers to maintain the arena footing’s proper firmness and shock-absorbing properties. This sub-surface watering infrastructure minimizes concussion on the horses’ joints and muscular system, helping decrease the risk of injuries that could sideline the equine athletes.

Benefits of Using Capillary Flow®

  • Improve drainage
  • Conserve water
  • Increased Return on Investment
  • Properly hydrated footing
  • Dust-free riding surfaces
  • Meet FEI footing standards
  • Works with footing additives & synthetics
  • Extend the life of footing materials
Capillary Flow Riding Arena Flooring

Natural Grass Riding Arenas

The Capillary Hydroponic system uses the same technology that professional golf courses use to maintain turfgrass. Now, the horse industry can utilize the same subsurface irrigation to maintain natural grass riding arenas, turf tracks, grass jump fields and even turnout areas.

Benefits of Capillary Hydroponic System

  • Lower costs due to lower maintenance expenses
  • Conserve water
  • Best possible drainage in any weather
  • Achieve FEI show ring standards on natural turfgrass
  • Strengthens grass health with less fertilization
Grass Riding Arena Watering System

Capillary Flow® Arena Footing Moisture Control Technology

IDA Development is proud to offer our clients Capillary Flow arena footing solutions. This unique, all-inclusive subsurface system provides sprinkler-free irrigation and consistent moisture without standing water or dusty riding surfaces. The patented polymer-based concrete works by removing or adding water to provide the safest, most consistent footing possible. The Capillary Flow system provides sprinkler-free irrigation and proper moisture levels without standing water or dusty riding surfaces.

Learn More About This Revolutionary Approach to Arena Drainage & Irrigation 

The Capillary Flow system is the latest and most advanced riding surface technology, similar to the Ebb & Flow System. With enhanced drainage and irrigation control, moisture levels are rigorously regulated in all types of equestrian footing, including grass riding surfaces. 

Water is moved up and down as needed through the macro-pores and mesopores of the Capillary Flow system. This process not only optimizes the arena footing but also provides approximately an 85% water savings. It also eliminates the need for sprinklers, which are problematic and inconsistent. This same technology has been successfully implemented on top-ranking golf courses worldwide.

This revolutionary moisture control and irrigation system is available for our new construction projects, from covered arenas to natural grass fields. Existing arenas can be retrofitted with the Capillary Flow System improving your current footing material.