Equestrian Arena Construction Company

IDA Development proudly offers custom arena construction for clients desiring an all-weather riding surface, covered and uncovered. Covered arenas can extend your riding days because it gives you the opportunity to ride in all weather conditions. Forget about missing days of riding or training due to inclement weather. Thanks to IDA Development and IDA Steel, equestrians now have the choice of traditional wood and concrete arenas, low-maintenance steel riding structures or uncovered all weather arenas. We also install arena mirrors and patented CapillaryFlow arena irrigation systems to truly create an all-weather, all season riding surface.

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Covered Horse Arenas

Equitan is a three layer system that is an ideal solution for converting hard, uneven, muddy horse stalls and walkways into comfortable, safe, and attractive surfaces. Equitan’s base layer creates seamless cushioning for horses’ hooves and joints. The seal layer provides a barrier to protect against moisture and waste penetration, and the topcoat includes an additive to stop and prevent bacterial growth.


Dressage Mirror Arenas

Healthy training and effective progress require an optimal riding surface. Choose a footing-sand mix with Melos quality, its Made in Germany. Equitan Footing supports both the horse and rider with the perfect balance between surface elasticity and stability. Spine, tendons, and joints are effectively cushioned – even under the heavy strains caused by movement.

South Florida Horse Arena Builders

IDA Development proudly offers full-service custom arena building to equestrian professionals, competitors and private discerning riders alike. Our experience in the horse industry gives us the upper hand when it comes to designing the perfect riding area based on your discipline and needs. Our talented team can help you choose the best site for your arena and create a design that will serve your riding needs for years to come.

In addition to designing your arena in-house, we also provide site preparation, proper drainage, and base installation. Each arena design is specific to the owner’s personal preferences, other considerations include riding style, weather and year-round climate. We offer open or covered arenas for general riding, dressage, jumping or roping.

As experts, we know that an arena is only as good as it’s footing. We offer top quality materials and can custom create the perfect riding surface for your new or existing arena. Discipline specific blends are also available.

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