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ArenaAid’s nylon & polyester fibers stabilize a wide variety of sands. It can be mixed with new sand and is ideal for mixing with existing sand.

The unique formula of fibers gives sand a structure by trapping loose, rolling particles. Get the performance of a textile arena without the cost of replacing all of your sand.

■  Retains moisture and reduces dust
■  Prevents over-compaction
■  ArenaAid increases stability, cushion, cupping, rebound, and grip.

Great for dressage and jumping, all purpose, pleasure, and vaulting in moderate to high-traffic arenas. Also great when arena is used for turnouts and lunging.


ProTex is made of carefully chosen, non-woven textiles and fibers. This footing is made from the highest quality materials to give it durability and a long life.

■ Premier ProTex is a premium, fiber and textile riding arena footing product
■ ProTex is a 70/30 mix of textiles and fibers
■ Product is mixed with sand to mimic a sod surface
■ Retains moisture and reduces dust
■ Superior stability, cushion, rebound, and grip
■ Chopped to a specific size and blended before packaging

Ideal for high-level dressage and jumping, vaulting, horse shows and high-traffic arenas.

Equitan Footing

IDA Development proudly offers Equitan arena footing to clients looking for a riding surface that will withstand extreme weather and use. Equitan arena products are made from pure manufactured rubber without the by-products commonly found in recycled rubber. It’s high shock absorbency and durability make it perfect for high traffic arenas, requiring less maintenance than other commercial footing options. It can also be custom blended to your specifications.

For more information about Equitan footing click here.